The San Diego Basal Ganglia Club (SDBGC) meets roughly once a month at 5:30pm. (location and day vary month to month).

Here we will post the schedule including papers covered and their presenters. The author’s name contains a link to the PDF with SI.

Nov 1, 2017: Shannan McClain
A basal ganglia circuit for evaluating action outcomes
Stephenson-Jones et al, Nature, 2016, Vol 539, p289-93.

Dec 11, 2017: Matt Banghart
A basal ganglia circuit sufficient to guide birdsong learning
Xiao et al, BioRxiv, Nov 21, 2017. doi:
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Jan 8, 2018: Dr. Nader Pouratian Chalk Talk on DBS (UCLA)

Feb 13, 2018: Emily Baltz
Dopamine neuron activity before action initiation gates and invigorates future movements
Alves da Silva et al, Nature, 2018, advanced online.

Mar 22, 2018: Vignesh Muralidharan on computational modeling of BG in relation to PD and gait

April 23, 2018: Dhak Ramanathan &Tom Hnasko on the role of motor cortex in initiating motor commands
Motor cortex is required for learning but not for executing a motor skill
Kawai et al, Neuron, 86(3), 2015, p800-12.

May 29, 2018: Ege Yalcinbas
Volitional Modulation of Primary Visual Cortex Activity Requires the Basal Ganglia
Neely et al, Neuron, 97, 2018, p1356-698.

Activation of Striatal Neurons Causes a Perceptual Decision Bias during Visual Change Detection in Mice
Wang et al, Neuron, 97, 2018, p1369-81.

July  11, 2018: Nick Hollon
Causal contribution and dynamical encoding in the striatum during evidence accumulation
Yartsev et al, BioRxiv, Jan 10, 2018. doi:

The Basal Ganglia Do Not Select Reach Targets but Control the Urgency of Commitment
Thura & Cisek, Neuron, 95, 2017, p1160-70.

Aug 2018: summer break

Nov 29, 2018: Adam Aron
Functional segregation of basal ganglia pathways in Parkinson’s disease
Neumann et al, Brain,  2018: 141; 2655–2669.

Dec 2018:

Image credit: Matt Banghart